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Ole Trading Group is a US-Asia crypto fund that brings institutional experience to the emerging digital asset class.

Ole Trading Group caters to two types.

Crypto Investors that want to take part of the explosive growth in the Blockchain Financial, Technology and social infrastructure caused by emerging block chain technologies and crypto currencies.

New and Existing Traders that want to enroll in our world class training program designed to allow you to trade with the Big Boys!
Ole Trading Training Program offers are trading strategy and training program to part time and full time traders being introduced to crypto currencies.

Our Futures Traders are second to none, and master the Volume Over Order strategy that we have created to take advantage of global institutions entering the crypto space. Ole Trading Group has developed a inhouse traders training program that have allowed us to master and profit in crypto currency.

Apply To Become A Ole Trading Group Funded Trader:

We employ a volume based trading strategy, specifically designed to track institutional funds entering and exiting the market.

Our Traders are taught to take advantage of our proprietary indicators and profit.

Our philosophy is to invest in great people, strong technology, and volume tracking trading strategies that allow us to benefit greatly in the crypto currency space.

Qualify to Become A Fulltime Ole Trader

Four Step Signature Program For Joining
Ole Trading Group as a Ole Pro Trader. 

1) Enroll 
Enroll and determine if a career trading crypto currencies is a good fit for you.

2) Compete
Complete our training program and watch your trading skills sky rocket.

3) Prove
Demonstrate you can implement our VOO strategy, Alligator Strategy, manage, plan and protect profits.

4) Trade
Use our capital here at Ole Trading Group and you get to keep 50% of the profits with a payout to you every month.

Earn our capital to trade crypto currencies! With a deep understanding of the market, we believe that the only way to be a winner in our industry is to invest heavily in talented people who want to grow together with us. We are seeking like-minded professionals to develop their skills and enable them to join our team. We are the FIRST to invest in our Traders, being the first program of its kind. Our program is Guaranteed funding when you prove your trading style and show that you can manage risk. Take the First Step Today. We have the experience to show you how to make the money you want in Crypto. Our V.O.O. Is A Proven Trading Strategy, Join Our Team and Learn A Trading Skill For Life. Apply Today!

“Nothing we love more than beating the banks! Join a powerhouse trading team at Ole Trading Group – It’s not the quantity of trades, its the quality!”

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What is Ole Pay?

OlePay® Software Payment Platform incorporates our proprietary payment solutions, with prepaid cards including prepaid Visa®, prepaid MasterCard ® and Loyalty Rewards systems. Our technology simplifies domestic and international payment transactions in multiple global currencies while ensuring fully compliant transactions. Our security systems include digital facial recognition software, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) data compiling software and an efficient Know-Your-Client (KYC) process that meets and exceeds the banking and government agency requirements.


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